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Digital Finance

Technological development has transformed our life. Finance is evolving from a purely support function into a function that is driving decision-making, exploring market development, or helping product development. 

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Digital Analytics

Each second an enormous amount of data is generated. We will help analyze all available data for your business and transform it into valuable insights that will generate value added for your business.

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Digital Business

Our world is more connected than ever. Your company is having the opportunity to leverage technology usage and to developing solutions that can solve problems for people or businesses worldwide. 

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Benefits of working with us

We are a fully acknowledgeable team of experts in digital finance and analytics. We have worked for companies with operations all over the world.

Few of the benefits of working with us:

  • Experts in finance – previous working experience for Big4 and Fortune 500 companies
  • Capable of explaining financial concepts to people without a finance background
  • Tech enthusiasts – fast adoption and adaptation to new technologies  
  • True business partnering
  • Task automation believers 
  • Daily learners and improvers

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We will help to measure key financial metrics of your business and at the same time to correlate them with non-financial metrics (e.g. website traffic, conversions, social media metrics, etc).  

We will be able to review all accounting entries and make sure your Balance Sheet and Income Statement are complying with the accounting regulations and guidelines. 

We will be your business partner by explaining which are the main business drivers, helping prepare a budget, or prepare a forecast for a few months in advance.

We will identify and calculate all the main business performance indicators. These will be based on your company’s profile, market, competitors, risks associated, etc. 


  • Experience in using modern software tools (G-Suite, MS Office, Oracle, SAP, etc)
  • Strong understanding of the “online world” 
  • Staying updated with newest business trends and technologies
  • Learning every day (Python, Tableau, SQL, etc)
  • Tech enthusiasts 

How we work:


– gathering all required information

– understanding specifics of your business

– stay in contact with you 

– deliver agreed services according to timeline 


Our goal is to understand your business and to provide value added through our work.

We are aiming to build up a long term relationship based on trust.  

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